Wednesday, May 19, 2004



Over the weekend I took my family to Park City, Utah. We stayed at the Holiday Inn (a neighbor was selling coupons for two nights there for $25 - pretty good deal). Overall we had a great time. Park City was, as always, beautiful. We did manage to get wrangled into listening to a sales pitch for a timeshare condo in The Canyons (the company, WestGate, apparently has several properties throughout the U.S.).

The sales lady did a pretty poor job, I must say. I think she detected that we were a lost cause from the get-go (people who graduated from law school a month ago aren't likely to have ten grand or more lying around to dump into - as she put it - "vacation insurance"). However, she managed to drone on and on for 45 minutes, and pointed out several reasons why we shouldn't buy anything from her in the process.

What's up with that? I realize that it may be an effective ploy for the salesman to pre-emptively point out the buyer's potential objections with the goal of diffusing them. But this lady started out by saying "We can address pretty much every concern you may have, but if you're simply not interested, if you don't have the desire to do this [buy into a timeshare condo], then there's nothing I can do about that." Take a wild guess what I said at the end of her presentation?

We did get another two-night stay in Park City (at WestGate) for listening to the presentation, but my wife is expecting a baby in a few months, so we'll probably end up giving it away.