Friday, August 27, 2004



A few weeks back I blogged about Tom Green's parole hearing. Whatever he said, it worked
A polygamist serving up to a life term for having sex with his first wife when she was 13 years old will be granted parole from the Utah State Prison.

Tom Green will be freed Aug. 7, 2007, after spending six years behind bars, the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole said Thursday.

The jail term will be just shy of the six years and three months suggested by parole guidelines for Green, who was sent to prison for up to life for a child rape conviction for "marrying" and having sex with his first wife, Linda Kunz. Green, now 56, also was sentenced to zero-to-five-year terms on four counts of bigamy for having four other wives.
At his parole hearing two weeks ago, Green denounced polygamy and claimed he would never let his own 13-year-old daughter -- one of 32 children -- marry a man 25 years her senior.
He will be supervised by parole officers, and any inappropriate contact with underage girls or with women other than Kunz, with whom he plans to live, could revoke his parole.

What does "inappropriate contact with . . . women other than Kunz" mean? Heck if I know.