Friday, October 15, 2004



I just came across this story from several months ago and thought it worthy of a post:
Daily Mail
Sun May 6, 2004 23:30:03 ET

Those with conditions that can usually be corrected medically - such as deformed feet and cleft lips and palates - are instead being terminated.

And the number of abortions of Down's syndrome babies now outstrips live births, despite the fact that those with the condition can live a long and fulfilling life. As screening techniques improve, the trend is likely to grow - horrifying pro-life campaigners.

'These figures are symptomatic of a eugenic trend of the consumerist society hell-bent on obliterating deformity - and at what cost to its own humanity? ' said ethicist Jacqueline Laing, of London Metropolitan University. 'We are obliterating the willingness of people to accept disability. Babies are required to fit a description of normality before they are allowed to be born.'

The figures for 2002 - the latest available - from the Office for National Statistics show more women than ever are choosing to terminate babies with potential handicaps, with such abortions rising 8 per cent in a year.
See also here ("Minority preborn children are being aborted at more than twice the rate of white preborns."), here ("British Abortion Rate Skyrockets as Couples Eliminate 'Defective' Children"), here ("A woman was granted a late-term abortion because the foetus was found to have a cleft lip and palate.") and here ("(Women should not be required to justify their need for abortion. It is sufficient that a woman does not want to continue the pregnancy . . . It is not difficult to understand why women choose to abort abnormal pregnancies. Many women find that they feel differently about their condition when they find their baby would be born disabled. The discovery that the child is 'not normal' may challenge a woman's hopes and expectations about what her future family life will be . . . Abortion on grounds of fetal abnormality is not a matter of eugenics, it is a means to extend women's control over their lives and futures.").