Friday, January 07, 2005



A few months ago I blogged about "Abortion as Politically Correct Eugenics." I discussed how prospective parents are aborting fetuses with medical conditions (such as deformed feet, cleft palate, etc.).

In a somewhat related vein, I now raise the issue of abortion as a means of terminating a pregnancy based not on a medical condition, but on gender. I think this is probably a widespread problem only in China, the inevitable result of that country's One Child Policy clashing with cultural expectations of the family name being preserved through a male heir. The ugly result: it is very common in China to abort, kill or abandon baby girls and instead try to have a boy.

With these things in mind, check out this story:

China is to make abortion on the basis of sex a crime in a bid to redress the
imbalance between newborn boys and girls that has arisen as a result of the
their one-child policy.

Government figures show 119 boys are born in the
world's most populous country for every 100 girls and Beijing has now set a goal
of reversing the imbalance by 2010.
Sex-selective abortion is
already banned but technologies such as ultrasound have made it easier to know a
baby's gender in advance, increasing the chances for aborting girls.

"As a new measure, the commission will start drafting revisions to the Criminal Law
in order to effectively ban foetus gender detection and selective abortion other
than for legitimate medical purposes."