Friday, January 14, 2005



Is America going to have a woman president in four years? Possibly:

Dick Morris, the nation's most prominent political consultant, says the 2008 race is shaping up to be showdown between two of America's most popular women: Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton.
In a surprising analysis, Morris writes in NewsMax Magazine that Condoleezza Rice is the only Republican on the national scene who can beat Hillary and keep the GOP in the White House.
We'll see, I suppose. There are other names being floated for the Republican ticket. John McCain and Mitt Romney come to mind. John Ellis, George W. Bush's cousin, recently labeled Romney as "The GOP's best hope in 2008."There are even t-shirts, pins, and hot cocoa mugs for sale advertising "Mitt '08."

Two women and a Mormon are beind discussed as presidential contenders. Cool.